Terms and Conditions

Conditions of service

Dry Cleaning Services guarantees that due care will be taken while handling all articles entrusted to its custody. However we decline all responsibility for any accidents due to the following:
1 Shrinkage, stretching and shape distortion
2 Damages to trimmings, buttons and zippers, decorations, curtain fittings such as pompoms, fringes
3 Damages caused by environmental conditions
4 Moth holes that become visible after washing and/or because of worn-out fabrics
5 Old stains that can not be removed
6 Humidity and mould formation marks
7 Colour loss discoloration, differences in shade after cleaning, colour release due to the presence of several tones on the same garment/upholstery or from the use of unsuitable household products
8 Loss of flexibility (garments becoming hard and brittle) because of plasticized PVC lining

All items delivered will not be taken for re-wash free of charge. Delivery of all items will be effected upon presentation of the Acceptance Form. All unclaimed item will be donated to charitable organizations after a period of 3 months.

Conditions of compensation

Any complaint should be lodged within 48 hours. In the unfortunate event that damage or loss results due to an accident on behalf of the laundry service compensation will not be more than 5 times the cost of cleaning for garments and household linen and 3 times the cost of cleaning for carpets, rugs, upholstery and leather/suede items.

The above conditions have been expressly notified to the client who has no reservations as to same. In case of recovery of any sum of money dur to Dry Cleaning Services, the client will bear all attorneys costs which have been assessed at 10% of any such sum recoved

Demande d'estimation

Envoyez-nous vos coordonnées en remplissant les champs ci-dessous pour une demande de devis. Notre équipe vous enverra une estimation.

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